Improved product quality, plant efficiency and reduction of energy and water are vital preconditions for modern rolling mills. SCALEMASTER® is the answer to these needs for your descalers.

Better Surface Quality The razor-sharp SCALEMASTER® cuts primary and secondary scale faster and more thoroughly than ever before.

The high-impact jet is evenly distributed to eliminate surface lines.

This provides an absolutely clean and smooth surface across the entire width of the strip.

Lower Energy and Water Consumption

Compared to conventional nozzles, SCALEMASTER® uses up to 30% less water and can operate at lower pressures. As a result, the required pump capacity is significantly reduced.

This means both lower operating costs for energy and lower capital expenditures for pumps.

Also, with the built-in filter on the SCALEMASTER®, you can save on pre-filtering costs.

Long Life and Easy Use

SCALEMASTER® is built to withstand the harshest milling conditions. Tungsten carbide tip can withstand the highest pressures, low water quality, and abrasive particles.

Whenever a nozzle needs to be replaced, SCALEMASTER® is designed to make it both fast and error-free. Tip, balancer and filter can be pre-assembled and then assembled in the header as a single unit.

By assembling this single unit instead of separate parts, installation can be performed with one hand, helping maintenance personnel to quickly install the nozzles in the most difficult places.

The self-aligning feature of the nozzle ensures that the cap can only be tightened when alignment is achieved.

With the development of SCALEMASTER®, Mitsuda once again revitalizes its innovative reputation in the field of descaling and is making a breakthrough in achieving world-class surface quality. SCALEMASTER® combines the advantages of many nozzle designs in one package.

Based on more than a hundred years of experience in nozzle design and the latest research in nozzle technology.


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